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The colours of autumn are so gorgeous - especially in Nova Scotia! If you have any photos you have taken of the beautiful foliage we are experiencing (or NS foliage photos from previous years), or any pretty NS fall scenes, and you would like to share them with our followers, please submit…

Strange Empire (X)
"The traditional western story had an emotionally satisfying narrative drive – it was about people moving forward, establishing order and believing, benignly, in a bright future. It was male-centric. This isn’t that. It’s a trad western turned on its head, in a way. It’s the western epic from a contemporary female perspective. The nuances are very different from the tradition – it touches on the right to violence by women, women in the traditional social order and the blunt reality of the Old West. As such it is refreshingly well-written, engrossing and oddly relevant to today." (X)

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elena wolf defending philip


elena wolf defending philip


From Olly’s Instagram:

Shooting the Wrapped Up video in LA!! Can’t wait for you to see it. #NeverBeenBetter

"Everybody is concerned about me because I’m here alone."
— Miranda Hobbes (via whatwouldcarriesay)